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16th July 2018 – Bedroom Window Display

Introducing the Newbridge on Usk Bedroom Range


Our Newbridge on Usk Bedroom Range is now in store and on display for you to see.  In a light oak rustic finish this offers something for everyone. A solid oak, solid wood with selected oak veneer range with rounded edges and dovetailed drawers, offers exceptional value for money.

The range is also availabe in a lounge and dinning room collection.

Seven Steps To A Better Night’s Sleep

Seven Steps To A Better Night’s Sleep

Sleep. We all do it, but many of us don’t do it well. A good night’s rest is essential to a healthy existence, protecting you physically and mentally as well as boosting your quality of life. Unfortunately, many of us struggle to fall asleep, have bad dreams, can’t wake up in the morning and then feel constantly tired!

Fortunately, there are many practical ways to improve your sleeping habits. Find out our advice on sleep with the following seven steps.

Your Bedroom – If you’re having trouble sleeping, one of the first things to consider is your bedroom. In order to get a restful night’s sleep you need the right setting, which means a clean, peaceful and welcoming room. Many of us are unknowingly sleeping in a bedroom that’s simply not fit for purpose, and that environment could be the key cause of a restless night.

Your Bed – The foundation of a great night’s sleep is a comfortable bed. The right mattress can make a huge difference between a restful and restless night, saving you from fatigue and irritability for the rest of the day. An unsupportive mattress will encourage a poor sleeping posture, which prevents you from good sleep. If you regularly wake up with aches and pains, it’s probably time to change your mattress.

Your Lifestyle – The 21st century lifestyle is typically fast paced, chaotic and jam-packed with technology. From the moment we wake up we switch on our brains with smart phones, and as our day progresses, we’re presented with even more triggers. The continuous content that’s fed from TV and radio, real time social feeds and our constant checking of emails all make for a non-stop stimulation… It’s no wonder that many of us can’t switch off or fall asleep, then struggle to wake up in the morning and spend a lot of time complaining “I can’t sleep!”

Stress & Worry – Scientists have found a direct correlation between anxiety and rhythm of sleep. When a person is anxious, their heart rate increases, which causes the brain to ‘race’, too. An alert mind produces beta waves, making you far too stimulated to sleep. To make matters worse, an active brain triggers other worries, so it’s even harder to achieve sleep.

Diet – They say you are what you eat, and when it comes to getting a restful night’s sleep, the food and drink you consume has a drastic effect. The best foods for sleep include milk, cherries, chicken and rice, while fatty meat, curry and alcohol are some of the worst. Some people choose not to eat after 6pm, as late meals can make it difficult to sleep. However, if you are eating before bed, remember that there three main chemicals that promote good sleep: tryptophan, serotonin and melatonin.

Exercise – Sports and exercise can help you to enjoy a better quality of sleep. Working out effectively can tire your body out gently, promoting a better night’s sleep. Releasing pent up tension through exercise is also highly beneficial, helping to banish stress before bedtime. Exercising also lowers your body’s temperature, which induces better sleep.

Relaxtion – Many of us lead stressful lives. Demanding jobs, long hours and active families all contribute to a hectic lifestyle, and that’s not helped by the intense media that surrounds us. These elements make it very difficult to wind down, but fortunately there are a few relaxation techniques that can help promote a deep, restful sleep.

However if you have two children like me aged 6 and 4 I’m not expecting a decent nights sleep until at least 2030, but at least I can be in a comfy place even if I am awake.

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Coming Soon – Enfys Chairs £65.00 per chair

Chairs 1


Enfys chairs are practical, stylish and ‘bang on trend’. Offered in a variety of strong and muted colours you are bound to find the colour that’s right for you. Moulded plastic offers both support and comfort while the solid wood and metal detailed legs offer that designer touch we all strive to achieve. Simply add to a dinning table to bring your home that on trend look for today.

Chair 2


Monks Bench





A fantastic piece of furniture is ideal  for your homes hallway, kitchen or porch. This solid oak Monks Bench has 3 drawers along with 8 shoe storage dividers.

Monks Bench

w 110cm x d 45cm x h 100cm

Recommended Price £460.00  Our price £390.00


Picture of the week Flog






Our Digital Prints are high-resolution, high-quality reproductions individually printed on special large format printers. These beautiful digital reproductions are virtually unparalleled in quality and range of colour, and are at the leading edge of fine art printmaking.

Artist: Micheal Young
Product Type: High Quality Reproduction Framed Print, treated with our high quality textured varnish, to give it the look and feel of an original painting.
Height: 43 inch
Width: 37 inch


Recommended Price £200.00

Our Price £175.00

Jack White, Musican & Upholsterer – Blog


American musician Jack White has surprised fans by confessing he misses his old job as an upholsterer.

Showcasing some new songs, as well as dusting off old favourites, on The Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury Festival on Saturday 28 June, the wild haired front man looked every bit the rock star.

But, speaking to MOJO magazine this week, the 38 year old confessed his heart really lies in upholstering.

In 1990, when the enigmatic Mr White was a 15 year old called John Gillis, he thought his calling was an upholstery apprenticeship in his home city of Detroit, Michigan.

And indeed it was; for during his three-year upholstery course a classmate first exposed Jack to punk music.

The two went on to form a short lived two-piece band, aptly called ‘The Upholsterers’ who sadly went on to record only one album, entitled ‘Makers of High Grade Suites’.

After leaving his course Jack seemingly enjoyed his trade so much that he started Third Man Upholstery, his own one-man business with the slogan ‘Your Furniture’s Not Dead’.

Although he claims to never have lacked business, an impressive statement for a business owner in any trade, Third Man Upholstery was apparently an unprofitable venture, owing to Jack’s complacency about bills and penchant for writing poetry inside furniture.

Today Jack White keeps the name of his now defunct business alive with his record label, Third Man Records.

He has performed to hundreds of thousands of adoring fans around the world and is ranked number 70 on Rolling Stone’s list of ‘The 100 Greatest Guitarists’, with a BRIT Award and eight Grammy awards to his name.

But he still confesses to look back fondly on his days in the upholstery trade, telling MOJO: “When I worked in an upholstery shop I couldn’t wait to get home and record the idea that had been brewing all day.

“Now I do all these other things and they’re all creative, so I’ve had to learn, over the years, to find new ways of writing songs.”

Cant help help but think that if he ever did decide to step back into the trade, he would have no shortage of orders, as long as he was prepared to put in the hard work and display at the correct shows, of course.


I cant take credit for this Blog as it is taken from The Cabinet Maker, but as lover of music and furniture this ticks all the boxes for me.


Flogs not Blogs

A warm welcome to our first week of blogging from Tidal’s Store HQ.


From our blogs I hope to give you an incite into the life of our family run furniture business, life in retail, life on the high street and along the way inform you of upcoming styles, trends and products hitting the market our shop and website.

As a family run business I always find myself having to wear  many different hats throughout the day to deal with whatever the business has to throw at me at me. I now find myself in the role of blogger which I have to admit is pretty alien to me. I should point out that if you are expecting the quality of writing to compare with the likes of Byron, Chaucer, Milton etc then you will probably be bitterly disappointed.

So before I decided to write my first blog, I looked into what competitors write about. Essentially, the underlying reason they blog is to try and sell you a product or service, so actually these business blogs should really be called business flogs. So in line with everyone else……

A warm welcome to our first week of flogging from Tidal’s Store HQ.


A good nights sleep doesn’t cost the earth. As a business we do very well from the out of town national stores or “Big Boys” as we call them, trying to convince customers they need to spend at least £1500 on a double bed, then additional incremental costs of insurance, £40.00 delivery, protection cover etc etc etc.

You do NOT need to spend this sort of money on a good bed. We have some great offers in store at the moment and a standard non drawer double bed ranges from £220.00 up to £750.00 with some really fantastic beds in the mid price range of £399.00. So please pop into the shop to talk to us, your back deserves more and so does your wallet.


Richmond Complete double divan bed non drawer base (not including headboard) £295.00