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Flogs not Blogs

A warm welcome to our first week of blogging from Tidal’s Store HQ.


From our blogs I hope to give you an incite into the life of our family run furniture business, life in retail, life on the high street and along the way inform you of upcoming styles, trends and products hitting the market our shop and website.

As a family run business I always find myself having to wear  many different hats throughout the day to deal with whatever the business has to throw at me at me. I now find myself in the role of blogger which I have to admit is pretty alien to me. I should point out that if you are expecting the quality of writing to compare with the likes of Byron, Chaucer, Milton etc then you will probably be bitterly disappointed.

So before I decided to write my first blog, I looked into what competitors write about. Essentially, the underlying reason they blog is to try and sell you a product or service, so actually these business blogs should really be called business flogs. So in line with everyone else……

A warm welcome to our first week of flogging from Tidal’s Store HQ.


A good nights sleep doesn’t cost the earth. As a business we do very well from the out of town national stores or “Big Boys” as we call them, trying to convince customers they need to spend at least £1500 on a double bed, then additional incremental costs of insurance, £40.00 delivery, protection cover etc etc etc.

You do NOT need to spend this sort of money on a good bed. We have some great offers in store at the moment and a standard non drawer double bed ranges from £220.00 up to £750.00 with some really fantastic beds in the mid price range of £399.00. So please pop into the shop to talk to us, your back deserves more and so does your wallet.


Richmond Complete double divan bed non drawer base (not including headboard) £295.00